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What is an appraisal?

An Appraisal is an opinion of value as of a certain date. For an Opinion of Value to have validity, it must be supported by data, analysis, and judgement of the appraiser. Our expertise lies in the experience and knowledge of those facts -- the market data and the ability to compare the data to the property being appraised. Appraising invokes a large measure of judgement, particularly in connection with various real estate markets and economic conditions that are always changing. It is the appraiser's job to mirror the actions of the general market. They must be objective and unbiased in their analysis of real property (land and buildings) in order to, see the property through the eyes of the typical buyer or investor. The appraiser attempts to consider any factors inherent in or related to the property, or market in general, which may directly affect its value. There are several types of appraisals that can be obtained and for many purposes. Below is a list of some of the different types of appraisals:

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We have been performing quality residential real estate appraisals in the Stowe, Waterbury, Morrisville, Hyde Park and Johnson, Vermont areas for more than 10 years. We are fully computerized and EDI capable.

These are a few of the types of appraisals that we can perform for you - Single Family, Condos, Market Value Reports ,Estate Planning, Divorce, Land, 1-4 Family.
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